49-Cards Yang Zings ||| Every Now and Then a Post Doesn't Hurt, Does It?

Won't bother writing the list, but, well, if you don't know a card, chances are that is a Yang Zing card.
This time, I'm in for a bit of math: why 49 cards? Because I dropped Soul Charge. [/sarcasm]
Yang Zings are essentially recruiters and as such, it's bad to have too many of them in your starting hand, but it is bad to play too few having only a couple of them to loop with. I then decided to raise the deck count (if you're familiar with old Gadget decks, you might know the concept).
So, first of all, how many Yang Zings (I'm not counting Chameleon, having it in the first 6 cards or not changes a bit of the play style, but neither annoys us, nor gets us a crazy ass advantage) do we have in our first hand, in average?
0.166248182899432 of the cases, we'll have 0
0.374058411523721 of the cases, we'll have 1
0.311715342936434 of the cases, we'll have 2
0.122241310955464 of the cases, we'll have 3
0.0235751099699824 of the cases, we'll have 4
0.00209556533066511 of the cases, we'll have 5
Having 6 is so unlikely that it is irrelevant.
This means that, averagely, we'll have 1.46899129677 Yang Zings, which is just about right, given that you'd want 1, generally, or 2 at most.
However, the problem lies in the about 17% of the cases in which we don't have any, but do we really?
Let's see in how many of these cases we can get a Yang Zing with Pot of Duality. I'll spare you the math, but when you don't have any Yang Zing there's a 33% probability that you'll get at least 1 with a Pot of Duality.
Also, another valid start is Chameleon+Incarnation. Although it isn't accurate, it is about the 12% or something like that (didn't want to run this much math for no reason).
This all, put together measn that only the 8% of the total hands has no way to start right away the game, but it also means that they'll be packed with Traps which can slow down the opponent's game so much that it'll give you just enough time to start your own game.(for example, having at least 4 traps has a 80% of happening, while having is 99.something%, which is almost 100%).
In closure, the deck is simply crazy consistent in singles, and can afford Skill Drain, but incredibly suffers Macro Cosmos, and siding with this might not be easy, due to high deck count which makes searching a card much harder.

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